The internet seems to have this obsession with skincare threads, quick and easy makeup routines and most importantly.....accessible and effective products. I decided to share my two cents on my favourite new finds and latest product launches that I have been definitely digging.

I usually get asked if I have staple products, and my motto has always been "the newer the better." that may not be entirely true, but I do think it is important to expand and experiment because of the way trends come and go. So here is a list of a few products that I have either been sent to test out - or found on my own - and have just instantly fallen in love with. I try to incorporate these into my every day routine; whether it's me getting ready to take on the day, or unwinding at home and getting unready for bed. 
Guerlain's Double R Renew & Rapid SerumThis magic in a bottle is a soft-peel treatment and helps lift my skin and give it a fresh feel. 

Laneige's BB Cushion Hydra Radiane (in shade no.33 cinnamon)
 This bad boy has SPF 50+, which protects my skin, but is most importantly lightweight! I cannot express how important it is for me to find a product that really allows my skin to breath throughout the day, and keep it visible for a more natural look.
Laniege's Dual Layer Face Oil
 This mix of fatty acids, vitamin E, mineralized water (and so much more) leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated first thing in the morning. I typically will apply 4-5 drops right before bed and massage it into my face for effect.
Laura Mercier's Flawless Fusion Ultra-longwear Concealer (shade 2W)
 I love this concealer for more reasons than just one. It has the perfect medium coverage needed for a brightening concealer, while also leaving no creases under my eyes and remaining fresh all day long. 

Charlotte Tillbury's Lip Liner (in shade pillow talk)
 This is quite possible the perfect natural nude. I love a good lip that does not dry out your lips, but still remains on for an extended period of time. This one is definitely my new go-to.
LancĂ´me's L'Absolu Lacquer (in shade 236)
 This lip lacquer has one of the nicest and long lasting stains I have ever used from any lip product - whether it was a lipstick or lip gloss, etc. It has a soft sponge exterior that helps keep moisture and leave my lips feeling hydrated all day.
Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb Nectar This scent is so warm and sweet - but is not overpowering like most perfumes. The notes are osmanthus, orange blossom and"gun powder accord." I have to say that the patchouli oil and orange blossom get me every time. One of my favourite staple perfumes.

Atelier Cologne Clementine California
 This unisex sent is light and refreshing, but long lasting all the while. It is a very sweet, citrusy scent with green notes of juniper and mandarin. Would recommend to both men and women!

Klorane's Dry Hair Shampoo with Oat Milk
 I find washing your hair every day can be quite damaging and drying. However, I am prone to getting oily roots if I don't wash every day, so a good and refreshing dry shampoo is a must! This one adds volume and texture without leaving a trace of white residue or any build up. My favourite thing has also got to be that it isn't an overpowering scent - it focuses on the cleaning and is less concerned about turning my hair into a bottle of perfume.


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