The cold may be bad, but dry and limp hair is definitely worse. Whether you're on the go to school, work or just everyday life, you want to feel your best! That means figuring out how to keep whatever little summer glow you can. For me, that means the perfect beach waves framing my face. Below I'm going to share a step by step process on how to easily curl your hair. Stay tuned till the end of this post for a nice little surprise!

The products below are the tools I need to create my beach wave curls, and I would highly recommend every single one of them to all you!

1. I use the T3 Twirl Trio curling wand to create the look - it's easy to use and highly effective.
2. To keep all hairs in place - and maintain the look for as long as possible - I would suggest using the Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Hairspray
3. Klorane Dry Hair Shampoo
4. A clip or a hair tie
5. A hair brush/comb

Step 1.
 I turn on the wand and let it heat to the highest heat.
While I wait, I brush my hair from root to end.

Step 2.
 I start by splitting up my hair into sections which will then allow me to make sure I don't miss any parts. I find that this technique creates better outcomes and results.

Step 3.
 I begin curling my hair by grabbing one of the small individual sections and twisting it around the barrel and away from my face, holding this for about 5 -10 seconds. I prefer to wave my hair without the clamp - this helps avoid dents in my hair

Step 4. 
 Afterwards, I release my hair from the wand and hold onto the curl by bunching my hand around it. I do this until the hair cools down but not too long as I like the waves to be more loose. 

Step 5.
 I then move onto the next sections, and continue until I have completed all sections. I work from the bottom of my head towards the top and front parts of my hair. After I have finished, I set my curls with the Schwarzkopf OSIS+ hairspray. It's my personal favourite because it keeps my curls from moving all day.

Step 6. 
Finally, I add some Klorane dry shampoo to my roots and/or texture spray - even if my hair isn't oily - because I find that it helps adds a lot of volume and texture.

For those who have made it all the way to the end, Congrats!
I am doing a... GIVEAWAY!

I have decided to do a giveaway for my favourite T3 curler. The T3 Trio comes with three barrels and is valued at $370. If you want the perfect beach waves follow the rules below!

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