This summer, one trend has been gaining traction, and it's popularity in both high and fast fashion spheres seems unwavering; athleisure and the rise of the sneaker. Let's focus our summer spotlight on the most versatile part of this seasons best looks. 

It seems as though sneakers are everywhere and all true fashion icons own at least a few statement pairs. For some time it seemed like only heels and boots were the ultimate way to complement ones figure and really make an outfit standout. But now, everyone seems to be trading in their strappys for a nice pair of dad sneakers! From biker shorts to baggy t-shirts, this summer revolves around comfort and below are some of our favourite sneakers in the street style game.

Arguably, the best staple sneaker to own, these shoes add a little flirty fun to a typical grunge look with their added height. The platform flatters your legs and shape, and they can be dressed up in a cute slip or dressed down in your favourite pair of distressed denim.


You know what we mean here - those oddly shaped, chunky shoes! Reminiscent of, well, your father back in 1996. Well, these eccentric shoe have made it to the limelight with major atelier's taking a more modern spin on the athleisure classic. Cop your favourite pair from high brow brands like Balenciaga or Chanel. If you're looking to tackle this trend without shelling out over $1000, check out some on the more affordable side; make room on your shoe rack for a solid pair of New Balances or Yeezy's.


The crisp white sneaker that everyone loves. A truly timeless classic, that adds a minimalist chic spin to any outfit, but remains as comfortable as ever.  These embody the versatility of the sneaker trend, and remain on brand with any classic look. Dare to play with these! Most people swear by the classic Air Force 1 Low Tops, Common Projects or a solid pair of Nike Air Max 97s.

Any outfit - whether for a night out in the town, or a quick mid-afternoon brunch - can benefit from a little sneaker action. Purchase a solid pair of trainers, indulge in the biggest summer trend and run with it - literally! 

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