My recent trip to NYC was fun filled adventure, cuisine and experiencing the city for the beautiful place it is. Roaming the streets and exploring the town was definitely the highlight of my trip. I have to say that SoHo stole my heart.

Earlier I shared how I pack, and the logic behind what pieces I choose to take with me. This time around I thought I would give one of my favorite tips for creating the chicest look you can, while still adhering to the constraints of packing. Nothing screams classic like an all black ensemble. But I must warn that too similar fabrics may wash out the entire outfit. My tip, and something I love to do, is mix and match textures, and add an accent of color, to keep a look chic and classy.

I opted for a high neckline black top - the perfect staple piece for wandering the slightly chilly outdoors, while also leaving room to breathe in particularly stuffy restaurants and stores. Matching the top with frayed and distressed denim jeans adds the edgy look necessary to keep the outfit looking alive, but still making sure that I looked my street style best. I personally love these jeans for comfortable fit and understated edge that they add to any outfit.

Everyone knows accessories and shoes make the true outfit! A huge thing for me is making sure that my shoes provide enough comfort and support to last me a day. I added a bit of color to the ensemble by wearing my favorite strappy nude heels. Another staple piece that I think everyone should have in their wardrobe. While in NYC I decided to go full out and splurge on what has quickly become my favorite accessory, the Gucci double G belt. And then I ended the look with some round glasses I picked up in China Town.

Black from head to toe is the only way to go!

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