Your vacation is about to start and you've been spending WEEKS dreading what you already know is going to be last minute packing. Everyone has a different method of packing; some claim they pack a week in advance (sounds fake to me…but do you boo!) and most pack the day before. Then you have the risk takers, those who like to live life on the edge; people who pack the day of. I am one of those people.

Now I should preface this post by saying, this method of packing is what works for me! I don’t encourage using my method if it brings you anxiety. Ok, so how do I manage to fit 6 outfits for a 3 day trip in a carry on and duffle bag?

I use to over pack and just grab things that I felt like deserved space in my bag, but didn’t even end up surfacing to the top during my travels. What I’ve learnt over time is sticking to versatile and basic pieces. A Basic White tee, long wool jacket, a pair of nude or black heels, a pair of sneaker, black washed denim, Black booties and a belt  - all pieces that can be done up or worn casually, while simultaneously being comfortable. It's fashion and function. 

How do I fold and pack my clothes in my luggage? On one side of my carry-on luggage, I like to tightly roll my delicates/softer garments and fold the stiffer clothing. On the other side of my luggage I put all my shoes and accessories.

So the key take away is:  Pack items that are more versatile and that work with more than just 1 outfit and it will save you a lot of space in your luggage. 

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