Reading week? More like feeding week! Swapping books for the sun, study cubicles for pool loungers and late night study snacks for Miami’s finest - I booked myself a ticket for one last getaway before exams!

One of my smartest decisions? Maybe not - but I do not regret it in the least. The tropics and relaxation were calling me - I left the UofTears for future Allysha. Although, I may have shed some tears of my own…tears of pure joy that is.

We stayed at the Washington Park South Beach Hotel which was a cute boutique design hotel, in the heart of South Beach - I ordered myself a Pina Colada and left my skin to the sun. Not only was there an outdoor pool with a garden view - but it was conveniently close to the beach! I miss the way the delicious Insomnia cookies melted in my mouth, the way the salty ocean waves passed over me and the infectious dancing that came with the vibrant nightlife; one things for sure, I will be back.

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